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(Raw) Yokai Ningen Bella Movie 2020


As with the recent BEM anime re-imagining of the franchise, Bela in this incarnation is a high school student. The film's story begins with the meeting between Bela and the main character Kōsuke Arata, a man who works at an advertising firm. Kōsuke is tasked with entering an abandoned building in his task to research the classic anime Yōkai Ningen Bem, and finds the anime's "illusive final episode." Meanwhile, Bela Yurigasaki transfers into her new school, and her arrival heralds a change in the school's mood, and a creeping madness that slowly consumes all of her classmates. As Kōsuke is driven to pursue Bela, he too slowly goes mad. His wife Ayumi and son Hinata begin to be disturbed by Kōsuke's unstable behavior. Ayumi hires a curiously aloof and quiet private detective named Taku Kirishima to investigate.

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