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(Eng Subs) Yokai Ningen Bella Episode 0 2020

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

I know I have been absent, but I can tell you now it was because I have been subbing this gem all day and all night. This is my first sub project alone, but I have double checked everything and used my Japanese knowledge to translate these episodes.

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- These are for download, but also available for streaming at

Episode 5 ----> Coming soon

Episode 6 ----> Coming soon

Episode 7 ----> Coming soon

Episode 8 ----> Coming soon

Episode 9 ----> Coming soon

Episode 10 ----> Coming soon


Ohno Shiori is just an ordinary high school girl. One day, Umenokisaka Bella comes to her class as a transfer student. Bella is given the seat of the recently deceased Sasaki Kozue, a close friend of Shiori's that died in a tragic accident. Shiori notices that Bella has the same kaleidoscope key chain that her and Kozue also owned. Due to her personality, Bella soons becomes a victim of bullying in the classroom but there is something strange about her. What is the truth behind the relationship between Kozue and Bella? What is the truth behind Kozue's accidental death?


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roby lan
roby lan
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